Eco House

Eco House

Eco House is a teambuilding activity, which encourages groups to engage with issues of environmental sustainability in the home whilst experiencing a hands on, informative and rewarding teambuilding exercise.  The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness in the importance of reducing carbon emissions in the home, through modifications and simple day-to-day changes we can all make.

What’s involved?

The event begins with a brief introduction to climate change from our green team.

Next, equipped with blue prints and building materials, each team is given the challenge to design and build a model eco-house.  Throughout the event, teams will earn carbon credits through mental challenges, which can be used to purchase environmental modifications for their house (e.g. Solar panels, insulation etc.).

The challenge ends in a presentation of each house to the rest of the group followed by feedback and prizes for our winning eco home.

The finished houses can be taken away by the group at the end of the day, perhaps as gifts for their children.


[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Project management
  • Resourcefulness
  • Decision Making
  • Team Working


[box type=”info” border=”full”]Numbers – 10 – 100[/box]
[box type=”info” border=”full”]Location – Indoors[/box]
[box type=”info” border=”full”]Timings – 1½ – 3 Hours[/box]
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